Harvesters’ vision is to empower and equip men to be the best fathers, sons and brothers they can be, following the example of Jesus and our heavenly Father, through the power of the Holy Spirit. We aim to achieve this through creating opportunities for deep, meaningful fellowship in small groups, through inspiring teaching and powerful praise and worship at our weekends.

Having started out as small group of men meeting in a Harvesters pub, we grew into a national organisation (hence the name), running annual weekend retreats. These retreats allow men to take themselves away from their every day lives and have the opportunity to grow closer to God and to make the connections that will support them when the go back home. From the weekends, more local, regular groups have been set up.

Whilst primarily a Catholic organisation, we are open to welcoming brothers from all denominations and it is this wide variety of backgrounds that allows us to be blessed in even more ways.